Sun and the Moon


The crescent moon weeps

Droplets of tears rain down her craters

Moistening the dry cracks in her deep valleys

The sun grins

Indifferent and distant to her

Laughing and chatting to wisps of clouds

Shimmering through his glorious rays

The moon swells hoping to become full again

To shine her light without his vibrant gaze

 The Sounds of a New Morning

Listen to me when I say

The Reverend won't bother me today


The sounds of a new morning

Black folk humming hymns

In a Stamps, Arkansas kind of way


And if you're hungry

Saunter over honey to the Store


We got pineapple upside-down cake

Cool lemonade, buttery biscuits and collard greens

So good they'll make your knees shake


Let me take you to the pond

Where the bass and perch play


The trees hover

Bound to discover

The dark secrets buried deep in Stamp's thick mud


Come, sit and talk with me


Underneath the shade of a big oak tree


And laugh

Until our bellies ache

Up and Away Alice

I flew to the moon

and danced with the stars

I ran within the ruins

and sang among the flowers