Allma Forcefield

Allma Forcefield is a full moon Purelight black woman in her mid-thirties.

She creates forcefields made of only water for protection by connecting with the largest Purelight, the moon.

When her boyfriend, Maeveath Abaddon Negaton, a dirty Wehlight, begins an alliance with a Luciolite, Allma and her daughter, Serenity, are in danger.

The timing of Maeveath’s threat is horrible because Allma is super busy at her job as an Aquarist Manager at the Placid Marine Life Aquarium.

Allma must search for another full moon Purelight to protect herself from Maeveath’s greed and physical abuse.

Ironically, full moon Purelights are not easy to find.

Allma needs to find another full moon Purelight…and fast, before Maeveath destroys everything Allma loves and what she has worked hard for.

Allma Forcefield is a great novella for readers who enjoy books like A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickets.

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The Dungeon in the Manchineel Prison 

Short Story cover.jpg

Brazena King is a young girl living in a small town named Leanor. She lives in a tree mansion and owns a turtle named Elly. Her family, the Kings, grow vegetables and fruit for the town.
Brazena usually trusts the men in her family, Dr. Eugene, Malachi and Oren King, but when a venomous violet spider is found in their tree mansion; Brazena suffers from their decision to hide the spider in her home. Her mother, Pastel, also suffers from the consequences of the King men.

The Prattle, four immortal women who govern over Brazena’s town, are not lenient about how to punish the Kings for stealing a violet spider.
The only route Brazena and Pastel have out of the dungeon is to focus on a higher holy light, Allmaltheyah.

The Dungeon in the Manchineel Prison is a middle-grade short story prequel to Violet Spiders of Methusela’s Grove.

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Plague of Leanor


This day strikes fear into every person in Leanor. Without freshly smeared sap on their treehouse or cellar, sudden death from the plague is the consequence.

Doors are locked, windows covered and candles blown out.

A creative named Lenard is aware of the plague, but he would rather take his chances escaping his town instead. The only issue is the laws of Leanor forbid him to escape his town.

Will he escape Leanor or will the plague devour him first?

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Violet Spiders of Methusela's Grove


Annaleigh Edom and her mother Lydia are Yearning Yuccas. They are only permitted to do certain chores in Leanor, like washing or gathering clothes. Annaleigh loves to paint and watch over her fox, Brites.

Four immortal women, the Prattle, rule over Annaleigh Edom’s town. They conduct strict lessons in the Arborituary. The Prattle announces they need a fifth member to join their group. Lydia would sell her soul to become the fifth member of the Prattle.

Lydia’s thirst to become immortal changes Annaleigh’s future forever.

After Lydia’s greedy decision, Annaleigh faces a journey that exposes her family’s identity.

What does it take to become immortal?

A Young Adult Fantasy book

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Hiding in Helios's Cemetery


Glen Linden is a wealthy girl living in a small town named Leanor. She discovers relief and peace near her grandfather's burial in Helios’ Cemetery. Her best friend, Timber Duncan, attempts to cheer Glen up by helping her summon her grandfather to speak them.

There is just one problem. Each time they’ve tried to talk to him in the past; they have failed.

An irresistible offer arises to help Glen communicate with him, but the cost is life-shattering.

One of the wealthiest girls in Leanor may not have enough evergreen coins to pay the price of speaking to the dead.

A Young Adult Fantasy Short Story

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The Emerald Movement(poetry)

The Emerald Movement1024_1.jpg

The Emerald Movement is spiritual journey. The collection of poetry explores dreams, love, movements, and visions. 

A poetry collection

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The Malloney Boys


Logen, Conor and Dillion Malloney are brothers with a big problem.

Visiting the enigmatic Lenard, in a prison which is controlled by four immortal women, Logen is handed a wooden sword with magical powers, in return for a promise that he will set him free.

Vena, Tori, Adara and Portia, who keep Lenard locked away, keep dangerous violet spiders in their hair for protection. One drop of venom from the spider’s bite is enough to kill, but Lenard explains that the sword has the ability to kill a violet spider and so release him from captivity.

Logen is dubious but Lenard insists that, if he believes in it, the sword’s enchanted powers will work and so Logen takes it home, filled with a resolve to help.

Enlisting the help of his two brothers, Logen comes up with a plan to release the old man, before he perishes in the vile prison cell. But will his scheme work?

Can a wooden sword really kill a violet spider? And do the boys have the courage necessary to see it through to the end and help their friend?

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